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The Mashburn Genealogical Archives consist of five areas:

  1. The MGA Database
    The database consist of a number of GEDCOM files submitted by Mashburn researchers.
    The database has the ability to display lineage charts, ancestor charts, family groups, family registers, tree charts of varying generations, etc. for each of the GEDCOM file submitted. The data for living people is not displayed. Database links are on the left menu of the Home Page.
    Steve Mashburn is the database administrator.

    Pre-Set Charts from Submitted GEDCOM Files



    MGA Users

    Researchers who wish to enter their own family reserach into the database may applky for a MGA User Account. MGA Users may also upload a GEDCOM file.

    MGA Users will retain complete control over their tree in regard to adds and edits to their data. No data of living individuals will be displayed.

    If you wish to administer your own tree on the Mashburn Genealogy Archives as a MGA User, please click on the "Register for a User Account" link.

  2. The MGA Webpages
    Articles about the Mashburn family history throughout the centuries. Webpage links are at the top menu.
    Steve Mashburn is the webmaster.
  3. The Mashburn-Marshburn Y-DNA Project
    Y-DNA is only passed from father to son and remains concsisted through many generations. We encourage all Mashburn males to test for Y-DNA. The link to the Y-DNA Project is on the top menu.
    Greg Mashburn is the Y-DNA administrator.
  4. The MGA Forum
    Please post queries and other questions in the forum. It's threaded discussion will also help researchers resolved differences in their data and interpetation. The link to the Forum Project is on the top menu.
    Steve Mashburn is the Forum administrator.
  5. The MGA Facebook Group
    We no longer maintain a questbook. Instead, we use a Facebook group. The link to the Facebook Group is on the top menu.
    Steve Mashburn and Greg Mashburn are our Facebook administrators.
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