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Steve Mashburn’s Report of Ancestry DNA

My Ancestry DNA has not reveal any new direct MASHBURN ancestors for me as Edward MASHBORNE, Sr. (married Sarah SINDERY) is the earliest direct ancestor to the American family that anyone has been able to identify.

Due to the similar given names (Edward, Daniel, Matthew, James, Samuel) appearing in the earliest North Carolina records, we believe that Edward was from Brackley, England where the MASHBORNE family (many named Edward, Daniel, Matthew, James, Samuel) had been residing since the mid-late 1500’s.

However, at this time but we have no proof these MASHBORNES are our direct ancestors. Since the MASHBORNE surname daughtered out in England, it will be very difficult to establish a connection to the Brackley MASHBORNES through DNA testing.

Also, I was matched with a researcher on Mary FARRAR and Henry WILLIS. You may know that Mary FARRAR appears on hundreds of Member Trees in Ancestry.Com as the wife of Edward MASHBORNE, the NC schoolmaster.

It is my contention that a researcher many years ago misread my chart (easy to do in the days of DOS screens) and confused my paternal and maternal ancestors. Since there is no other connection between me and the FARRAR researcher, this is confirmation that MARY FARRAR was not married to Edward MASHBORNE but indeed to Henry WILLIS.

I did find new ancestors in my other lines (which I have far less research on). For example, my SMITH line was extended five generations. I was also matched with hundred of cousins that I had no idea existed.

Lastly, Ancestry DNA is not absolute proof – it only tells you that have share DNA with your match and it tells you if you have common surnames in your trees. If you and your match both have DAVIS in your trees, it is possible that the match is coming form an undocumented family and that the two DAVIS families are not connected.

Still, I think the Ancestry DNA test was valuable. Here are the matches I got:


– Match on Smith, Walter, learned new cousins
– Match Smith William H. extended line back to 1600’s


– Match on Free, James, learned new cousins
– Match on Tatum, Solomon, learned new cousins
– Match on Jordan, Stephen – independent verification (this data would have been will worth the cost alone as I have spent years trying to trace this family and still wasn’t 100% sure I was on the right branch until this new development tipped the scale)
– Match on Daniel, Frances, learned new cousins

4th or MORE

– 431 Matches including 33 MASHBURN matches.

Sample Reports from Steve Mashburn’s Ancestry DNA Test

Sample One

MASHBURN-Steve-DNA-with-mjkastelSample Two


Sample 3



Sample 5