Submitting Your Research

mga-logo-transparentRegistered Users on the MGA Facebook page can submit messages and comments.

Register Editors can submit and manage GED files on the MGA Website – we require that sources be cited.

If you would rather not be a registered user or editor, you can still submit data to us.

We are primarily interested obtaining in primary source documentation and abstracts of primary sources, but we will gladly accept family group sheets, pedigree charts, etc.

However, unlike the commercial sites, we do require that your research contain sources. Citing an item as family oral tradition or as personal knowledge is perfectly acceptable. On the other hand, blindly copying undocumented content off the Internet and expecting us to republish that material at face value is unacceptable.

We are glad to receive material on living persons. Our database will filter data on living people so that it will not be visible on the Internet.

We are also happy to receive corrections or updates. Please submit digital material to:

or mail your material to:

Steve Mashburn
6265 Sturbridge Lane
Cumming, GA 30144