A Message from My Mama

Dot and Tommy Fountain

Some electronic music composers are experimenting with “data-bending,” which is taking a non-audio file (like an image or word document), rendering it into raw binary data (0’s and 1’s) and then saving it as an audio file.

Last night I decided to try it.
Since my 83-year-old mother died last week and has been on my mind, i decided to data-bend a picture of her and my stepfather Tommy Fountain. 
Before I listened to the resulting audio, I asked mama to let me know if she was in Heaven.
Now before you listen to it, please know that for the last two years family members had given my mother several cell phones but she was unable to master any of them.
It became somewhat of a joke among us and we laughed every time we received a message from her consisting of her dialing a number.
Now listen to the audio file — what do you think?
You can’t make this stuff up!
Now, if you are like my wife, you might think that all data-bent files will sound this way.
So I data-bent a picture of my house. Sounds nothing like a phone being dialed.