Dennis Sullivan

My best friend during middle school and high school was Dennis H. Sullivan. The first time that I went over to his house, his father asked if I was related to the Mashburns in Union County. I said no as I did not know any better at that time.

Later Dennis showed me their copy of Edna Simpson’s THE MASHBURN FAMILY OF NORTH CAROLINA AND GEORGIA which includes my grandfather Ira Mashburn’s obituary.

It turns out that Dennis and I are 5th cousins.

Elisha Mashburn = 1st Wife (name unknown)
William Sullivan = Rebecca Mashburn                             John Harvey Mashburn = Catherine Twiggs
James Newton Sullivan = Sarah Jane Watkins               John Wesley Mashburn = Obedience Wood
Benjamin Asberry Sullivan = Louvenia Boring                 William Eli Mashburn = Ardella Jackson
Sam P Sullivan = Cora Jane Brown                                 Ira Enoch Mashburn = Bessie Smith
Harold S. Sullivan = Frances Elizabeth Reece                Allen B. Mashburn = Dorothy J. Mashburn
Dennis H. Sullivan                                                            Steve Allen Mashburn