Rev. John Harvey Mashburn – Grand Lodge of Georgia

Habersham Co., GA Grand Lodge of Georgia 1854

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Grand Lodge of Georgia 1854
Tallulah Lodge No. 161, Clarkesville, Habersham County

Henry D. Smith, P.M., W.M.
John H. Wyly, S.W.
James Van Buren, J.W.
S. H. Van Diviere, Treasurer
James E. Griggs, Secretary
George Hull, S.D.
William T. Hackett, J.D.
Robert T. Harkins, Tyler
C. K. Janett, Steward
Rev. J. L. Richardson, Chaplain

John R. Stanford, P.M.
C. Meaders
S. P. Densmore
Robert Allan
Geo. D. Phillips
Wm. B. Wofford
J. F. Hackett
John Trammell
John Craven
P. B. Haralson
E. S. Barclay, jr.
James Rudisill
A. H. Terrell
Rev. J. H. Mashburn
W. M. D. Lambert, F.C.
E. H. Ramsey

Initiated 1
Passed 3
Raised 3
Resigned 3

Dues paid $22.22 3/4

Regular meetings of this Lodge are held on the last
Wenesday night preceding the full moon in each month.

W.M. – Worshipful Master
S.W. – Senior Warden
J.W. – Junior Warden
S.D. – Senior Deacon
J.D. – Junior Deacon
P.M. – Past Master
F.C. – Fellow Craft degree
E.A. – Entered Apprentice degree
Tyler – guardian of the door, while the Lodge session is taking