Mashborne and Shephard

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Southern Historical Collection
African American Documentary Resources
Creator: Miscellaneous papers.
Collection number: 517

Folders 101a and 101b (Unit 101) also have documentation related to enslaved individuals in North Carolina. Includes a report of the division of slaves belonging to the estate of Thomas Mashborne, 10 December 1846; a settlement of account of James M. Mashborne with his guardian Gardner Shepard with amounts of slave hire and sales, 1847; a bill of sale for slaves of George W. Mashborne, Owen Jarratt, seller, 3 June 1850; and a bill of sale for a slave named Dave belonging to Gardner Shepard, guardian to James Mashborne, 1855. There are also other slave documents, including an inventory of the estate of William Mills with a list of slaves and other property, November 1772; a reward notice for apprehension and return of slave named Nancy Elliot, about twelve years old, 23 August 1848; an audit of the accounts of William Herring, guardian of Charity Carter, 18 January 1851; and bill of sale for slaves to F.D. Thomas, 26 April 1858.