Matthew Daniel Marshburn

It appears that Greg MASHBURN of Georgia shares very close DNA with Charles MARSHBURN of North Carolina.

Charles’s great-uncle was Mathhew Daniel Marshburn of Wake County, NC.

Here is what I have found on their lineage.

Matthew Daniel MARSHBURN

b. 4-3-1872 (Source: Death Cert.)
d. 3-23-1949 Wake County, NC (Source: Death Cert.)

Parents: Matthew Marshburn and Sarah G. Todd (Source: 1880 Federal Census of Wake Co NC)

Marriage: Matthew and Sarah Todd were married on 16 Apr 1865 in Wake Co NC (source: NC Marriage Records)

Comment: Matthew was considerably older than Sarah – the young men of the South were thinned out by the Civil War and Sarah was lucky — many women of that time period never found a mate.

1870 Federal Census of Wake Co NC
HH #19 – Marshbun (sic), Matt 60
Sarah 28
Henry 4

Comment: Although the Scotts-Irish tradition of western Carolina dictated that the eldest son be named after the mother’s father, the Tidewater tradition (from southeastern England) dictated that the eldest son be named after the father’s father. Henry was a common first name among the Onslow County branch of the Mashburn Family.

HH #20 – Todd Margaret 34 (this is probably the sister of Sarah)

HH #22 – Todd, Elizabeth is in the household of A.J. and Cemania Stickland (this is probably the mother of Sarah Marshburn)

1880 Federal Census of Wake Co NC
HH #374 – Marshbourn, Matthew 72
Sarah 38
George H 14
Matthew D. 8
Nannie 6


Due to (1) the early date of Mathew D. Marshburn’s birth – c 1808, (2) the spelling of the name “Marshburn” which tended to be a characteristic of Mashburn families in Onslow County, NC and (3) the first name “Henry” appearing as Matthew’s first son, we suspect that this branch is descended from the Onslow County Marshbornes.

However, because the name Matthew was use in almost every Mashburn generation from the 1500’s forward, we cannot be certain of any conclusion we make upon this branch. We hope better evidence will be uncovered that will resolve the mystery.