1800 Federal Census

By the Second Federal Census, Mashburn families had expanded into South Carolina.


The Onslow Branch

Wilmington, Onslow, North Carolina
Tho? Mashburn, 10 whites, 5 slaves
Thomas Mashburn, 9 whites, 7 salves
Benja Mashburn, 2 whites, 6 slaves
Benjamin Mashburn, 5 whites

NOTES – James, Joseph, Mary of 1790 are gone.
Joseph may have moved to Georgia

Duplin Co., NC
Christopher Mashburn, 5 whites
Mary Mashburn, 2 whites (could be the same Mary of 1790 Onslow)
Mathew Mashburn, 5 whites

Jones Co., NC
James Mashburn, 6 whites

The Western Branch

The Western Branch is definitely consolidating in Burke County.

Burke Co., NC
David Mashburn, 7 whites
David Mashburn, 5 whites
Drury Mashburn, 8 whites
Elisha Mashburn, 2 whites (in Orange Co. 1790)
James Mashburn Sr, 7 whites  (in Orange Co. 1790)
Levi Mashburn, 5 whites (new)
Matthew Mashburn, 7 whites
William Mashburn, 4 whites (new)

The Middle Branch

it is hard to determine if the following families are part of the Western Branch,
the Onslow Branch or a separate branch.

Hillsborough, Chatham, NC 
Mathew Mashbourn, 7 whites

Hillsborough, Wake, NC
Daniel Mashburn, 7 whites

Fayetteville, Moore, North Carolina
Samuel Mashburn, 7 whites

South Carolina Branch

This family is probably a southern part of the Onslow County Branch.
For some reason, Mashburns did not make a strong stand in South Carolina.
Today there are fewer Mashburns in South Carolina than in any other southern state.

Charleston, SC
Nicholas Mashburn, 4 whites, 1 slave

Lexington, Orangeburg District, SC
Samuel Mashburn, 7 whites