South Carolina Mashburns

Considering the strength of the MASHBURN surname in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennesee, Alabama and Florida, it is remarkable that South Carolina has not been a stronghold for our clan.

There has, however, been a few MASHBURNS in South Carolini and I have speculated that they were members of the Onslow County NC branch who had migrated southward.

I have found a Revolutionary War Petition that shows a Barbara Lee as Executrix to the Estate of a James Mashborn. Since the Onslow Mashburns were connected to the Lees, this may be evidence that the South Carolina Mashburns were indeed part of the Onslow County branch.

The Wade Hampton mentioned below is the grandfather of the Confederate General. “During the War of 1812, Hampton led the American forces in the Battle of the Chateauguay in 1813. On April 6, 1814, he resigned his commission and returned to South Carolina, after leading thousands of U.S. soldiers to defeat, at the hands of a little over a thousand colonial Canadian militia and 180 Mohawk warriors, then getting his army lost in the woods” (Wikipedia).

Tyler, John, 1791 Petition found in Audit Acct of Wade & Richard Hampton AA 3287 FR: 388-387RW 2749

The Honourable [so sp. on document] Jacob Read Esqr. Speaker of the House of Representatives; and
the Gentlemen the Members of the House,
The petition of your humble petitioners residing on and near
the Congaree river, most Humbly sheweth;
That we your humble petitioners all men of staunch
Republican principles, which the whole tenor of our conduct sufficiently evinces, But at the
time when this part of the Country was over=run by it’s Implacable Enemies, Maxwell
the Commander of the Congaree=fort forced all the men of the vicinage within the fortifica=
=tion; where we remained until the place surrendered to the American army. It was then pro=
=posed to the prisoners, whether they should be sent to Charleston or serve ten months in the
cause of their Country, the latter was readily embraced by us and we proved our innate and
independant feelings by immediately entering under the Banner of General Sumter in Colonel
Wade Hampton’s Regiment of light Troops and by the Chearfulness and ______ with which we
went thro our Duty during the said term. We thereon your humble petitioners humbly hope that
this honorable house will be pleased to look on us in the same point of view as the rest of the
Regiment we served in, that we may receive the same Bounty as promised to others, Your petiti=
=oners also Humbly Represent to this house that the greatest part of us during our absence
from home and on Duty, were by the inroads of Foraging parties plundered of our Effects
and are Reduced to very indegent circumstances – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Your petitioners rest in humble hope this house will be pleased to order that we may receive
the Bounty and pay as the rest of the troop adequate to the time of our service or grant us such
relief in the premises as to the wisdom and humanity of the house shall seem meet – – – – – – –
And your humble petitioners will ever pray, ____
Saxa-Gotha, January, 24, 1791

Frederick Class
George Slappey
Martin Hook
[unable to read this one]
John Gossert
Hen. Slappy Sergt.
Mash ___ adm. of the will
Barbara Lee, Executrix to Estate James Mashborn
Adam Minick
Jacob BonnerJacob Heily
Martin Hidle
Henry Geiger
Conrad Raff
Simeon Theus
Oliver Legran
Edw Wells
John Foust
John Tyler