Sarum Schoolhouse

The following is data sent in by Clifton Mashburn who received it from a Mrs. Seiling of Gates Co. This is a great find for all MASHBURN researchers and we thank him very much for sending it to us.

Gates Co. Deed Book Vol 3 #199

Henry & Hemuch Hill to Wm. Lewis Junipers
purchased from Chowan Indians, 26 May 1748
640 ac. in possession of Bennetts and Catherine Creebs.
Nov. Ct. 1794
Schoolhouse, Church and Indian Swamp.

Greensboro Daily News, 1-26-1941


SUNBURY, Jan 25 – The apparent discovery of the foundations of an old Indian school dating back to the 1700’s and the site of the ancient village of Sarum was related Wednesday night by A. P. Godwin, Jr., Gatesville attorney and amateur historian, in a talk to a joint meeting of the Sunbury and Pasquotank Ruritan clubs here.

Godwin, a member of the Gatesville Ruritans, discussing the history of North Carolina and this section and Gates county in particular in the main address of the evening, revealed that in his search in the history of Gates he recently had discovered a brick wall, which he believed to be the foundation and cellar of the first school for Indians ever established in North Carolina and possibly the first ever to established in the United States.

No idle suppositions are the basis for the belief. He, has located the grave of a man who it is reliably stated was buried at Sarum, and this grave is 200 yards away from the brick wall. An old knife and some buttons are all else that have been found so far in his excavations, but he plans further work at the site and investigation into records that will prove his claims, which he intends to present to Dr. C. C. Crittenden, head of the state historical commission. If the site is confirmed, he will ask that the state erect a marker there commemorating the spot and publicizing the spot and Gates county to visitors.