Onslow County NC


Buddy Mashburn submitted the following data which is abstracted from the book, The Commonwealth of Onslow-A History by Joseph Parsons Brown, published by Owen G. Dunn Company, New Bern, N.C.

NOTE: Although Buddy assumes that the mentioned Edward Mashburn is the same as Edward the schoolmaster, I personally feel that this Edward is the son of the schoolmaster. According to the famous sociological book, Albion’s Seed, it was common in this place and time (the tidewater South) for the eldest son to be given his father’s name. Mashburn researchers seem to be divided over this issue and the matter must wait for more proof before it can be definitely settled.



First settlers, William Brown, Henry Warren and Thomas Worsley came in 1706-1708. In 1718, a Frenchman named John Nasaugue settled several miles upstream.

During the next eighteen years overflow settlers from De Graffenreidt’s Swiss colony from the south and previous English settlements from the north came into the Onslow area.

Formation of County

On November 23, 1731, the North Carolina Gover and Council acted upon a petition to create a new precinct of Onslow and appointed thirteen Justices of the Peace (including Edward Mashburn).

The assembly at Edenton on Uly 3, 1733 refused to recognize the new precinct until 1734 at which time Edward was appointed a justice of the peace for a second time.

First Land Grants

Edward Mashburn – 1735 on New River
Daniel Mashburn – 1741 on Harry’s Creek
David Mashburn – 1767 on Southwest Branch
Jethro Mashburn – 1782 on Great Creek
Thomas Mashburn – 1799 on Southwest Branch

If this was Edward the schoolmaster, he would have been 59 years old. I find it hard to believe that a man of this age would move into a new area to start all over. I believe that Daniel and Edward (along with Matthew and possibly an earlier Jethro) were sons of the schoolmaster. It must be pointed out, however, that this is conjecture, the Edward of Onslow County seems to be politically connected, so he may well be an older man than the younger man that I envision.

Onslow Regiment of Militia in 1754

Roster of 25 October 1754
Southwest Company. Thomas Hicks, captain.
Daniel Marshburn, private
Sam’l Marshburn, private