Bishop of London – Letter of October 3, 1712


Bishop of London to Secretary, SPG

1712 October 3

. . .  3. There’s one Mr. Mashburn, a School Master at Sarum on the Frontiers of Virginia near North Carolina, who deserves very Highly, as Mr. Ransford, Minister at Chowan in N. Carolina informs me, the encouragement of the Society. He tells me, that the Children under Mr. Mashburn Care are So well disciplined in the Principles of our Religion, and gave before him Such an account of the Grounds of it, as strangely Surprized him. He is Seated between 2 Indian Towns, and the Chowans would Send their Children to him for Instruction, had they but money to pay for their Schooling. He promises upon a Small Salary of £20 paid yearly to teach those children that come to him gratis.

NOTE BY STEVE MASHBURN – It is interesting that the Bishop mentions the sum of 20 pounds as Mashborne’s letter did not ask for a specific amount. This implies that the Bishop had had a conversation with Rev. Giles Rainsford concerning Mashborne and his school.

There is no evidence, despite the assertion that repeatedly appears in North Carolina history books, that Edward Mashborne (1) actually received any support from the SPG or (2) that he actually taught Indian children. Given the dismal record that the Indian School at William and Mary College had with recruiting Indian children during this same time, it is doubtful that Mashburn had any more success.