Chronology of the Marshburn-Mashburn Family In North Carolina

In order to maintain a running chronology of the family, no sources are referenced. However, all sources are documented and sources may be obtained from B. D. Marshburn, 36 Molly Stark Drive, Morriston, New Jersey. The Census of 1790 is not included because of its easy accessibility, in addition to the widespread Mashburn-Marshburn Family throughout North Carolina as of 1790. Records of the Census of1790 in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Maine have been consulted and do not contain any Marshburn-Mashburn references; nor do those of Virginia and S. Carolina.

1712 Chowan (now Gates), Mr. Mashburn taught school at Sarum

1715 Craven/Onslow, Edward Mashburne sold 180 acres land on Whiteoak River (Onslow Precinct formed 1731)

1719 Albemarle, Bertie Precinct, Edward Mashburn bought land

1728 Onslow, Edward Mashbone, executor to Edward Wood’s will

173- Edward Marshborn granted Onslow land

1731 11/23 Edward Marshburn appointed commissioner of the peace by Gov. Burrington

1735 Edward Marshburn reappointed commissioner of the peace

1735 Edward Marshburn settled in Onslow and received New River land grant

1737 Edward Marshburn received land grant

9/9/1737, Onslow

1739 2/25 Mathew Mashburn listed as juryman by New Bern Assemble for Bertie and Edgecomb Precincts

1739 3/6 Edward Marshburn, Onslow, reappointed peace commissioner by Gov. Johnson, sitting at Newton (the former name for Wilmington, N. C.

1739 2/15 Edward Mashburn, Onslow, received land grant of 640 acres

1741 5/20 Edward Mashburn, Onslow, received land grant

1741 Daniel Marshburn received land in Onslow by grant

1741 5/22 Daniel Marshburn, Onslow, received land grant of 300 acres, N. C. Assembly sitting at Wilmington

1743 7/25 Daniel Marshburn, Onslow, granted 300 acres by Gov. Johnston, sitting at Edenton, N. C.

1744 8/10 Daniel Marshburn, attorney for brother Matthew Marshburn, sold land patented to Edward Mashburn 9/9/1737, Onslow

1744 11/19 James Marshburne, Onslow, sold land; Jonothan Marshburne, witness

1744 11/21 Daniel and Elizabeth Marshburne sold land in Onslow patented to Edward Marshburne; Samuel Mashborne, witness

1746 5/1 Daniel Marshburne, Onslow, sold land at home place, south Harry’s Creek

1746 6/27 James Mashburne, Onslow, bought land on the Northwest branch of New River; Jethro Mashburne, witness

1751 9/14 David/Daniel Mashbone/Masbone mentioned in Henry Rhoads’ will; also, Henry’s granddaughter, Elizabeth Mashbone, Onslow

1752 12/17 Jethro Mashborne’s will, Onslow, mentions daughters Sarah and Mary, son Edward, wife Susanna; Daniel Mashborne, executor

1753 Jethro Marshburne’s will, Cravan County, mentions son Edward

1754 10/25 Samuel Marshburn, Onslow, N. Carolina Militia

1754 10/25 Daniel Mashbourn, Onslow, Militia

1757 David Marshburn born and lived in Hertford County during the Revolutionary war; moved to Wake City in 1797

1760 Edward Mashburn, Olslow, requested,but did not receive, land grant

1761 Matthew Mashburn’s will, Northhampton Co., N. C., wife, Sarah & 16 ch.

1761 James Mashburn (and Joseph Cable), Onslow, requested but did not receive land grant

1767 David Marshburn, Onslow, Roster of Settlers, S. W. Branch of NewRiver

1771 3/11 Edward Mashbourne, Onslow, executor to Charles Cox’s will

1775 4/15 Edward Mashborn, Sr., Onslow, executor to Moses Cox’s will

1776-83 Daniel Marshbourne, Pvt., Rev. War, no N. C. county shown

1777 2/9 Edward Mashborne, Onslow, enlisted as Pvt., 8th Regiment, Co M

1776-83 William Marshburn, no rank given, Rev. War soldier

1779 Thomas Mashburn, Onslow, land grant issued 1779;entered 1795

1781 5/19 William Mashburn, Pvt., 10th Reg, Co. M, Continental Line, Onslow

1781 12/1 Joseph Loyd’s will, Onslow, mentions one daughter by name of Elizabeth Loyd Mashborn (could be wife of Daniel-see will 1783

1782 Jethro Mashburn, Roster of Onslow Settlers, received land grant (12-79)

1783 1/20 Daniel Mashburn’s will, Onslow, mentions Elizabeth, wife; sons, Benjamin, Thomas, Joseph, Henry; Daughters, Mary Sheperd, Rachel Lee, Sarah, Martha. Rebecker Pitts

1783 4/5 Daniel T. Mashburn born in N. C. died 10-16-1848 in Ga., wife, Elizabeth Jenkins Mashburn, b. 10/15/1787 in N. C., D. 2/26/1857 in Ga. Records compiled in Wilcox and Pulaski Counties, Ga.; sons Henry, David, Thomas R., Lewallen, James W.; no daughters listed

1783 Edward Marshburn’s will, Onslow; wife, Elizabeth; Joseph, Sarah, Martha, Rebecca

1784 10/29 Joseph Sumner’s will, Onslow, testator was Mary Mashborn

1784 11/4 Henry Mashburn, Onslow, bought land on Black Creek, south of Southwest Branch of New River

1784 11/4 Henry Mashburn, Onslow, bought land west side of SW Branch

1785 9/20 Henry Mashborn, Onslow, bought land on Blue Creek, Benjamin Mashborne, testator

1785 11/8 Henry and Benjamin Mashborne, Onslow, testators to gift of three Negroes

1786 4/12 Joseph Mashborne, Onslow, testator to Ezekiel Alexander’s will

1787 1/5 Christopher Mashborne, Onslow, testator to sale of land

1788 1/28 Mathew Mashburn, Onslow, testator to sale of land 1788 2/23 Joseph Mashborne, Onslow, testator to sale of land

1788 John Lee’s will; Onslow, wife Rachel (could be dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth Mashburn); dau. Penelope Marshburn (could be wife of Joseph Mashburn whose will was dated 11/7/1815); Henry, son of Penelope and Joseph Mashburn, inherited the land

1788 8/8 William Marshburn, b. 8/8/1788, Orange Co, N. Carolina; son of Matthew and Esther Marshburn; all were Quakers; d. 12th mo. 25-1877 age 89. Chatham/Alamance Co. M. 2-12-1817 1st. Hannah Johnson, b. 9/16/1794, Orange/Chatham Co.; d. 11/22/1829, age 35, Chatham- Alamance Co. Note: The Friends (Quakers) do not use the standard names of the calendar months because those names are derived from heathen gods of Roman and Greek literature

1789 4/16 Joseph Mashborne, Onslow, testator ot sale of land

1789 12/14 Henry Mashborn, Onslow, executor to will

1790 1/14 Joseph Mashborne, Onslow, testator to sale of lands, chattels,etc

1790 3/22 Joseph Mashborne, Onslow, bought 125 acres land n Mashborne Branch

1790 5/11 Joseph Mashborne, Onslow, bought 125 acres land at SW Branch of New River from Thomas Jarrott

1790 5/11 Joseph Mashborne, Onslow, sold a Negro slave to Thomas Jarrott

Bryan D. Marshburn, source of information which was enclosed in THE SANTA ROSA MASHBURN’S by Polly Mashburn Jones and James Lebaron Mashburn, Sr. in 1988.