Buddy Mashburn’s Trip to Sarum (#1)

NC_GATES_buddy1Friday, July 21, 2000

Dear Steve and the geno. gang,

I have just returned today from a trip to find Sarum Indian School in Gatesville, NC.  I will not give you all the particulars in this memo as I need time to compile the information that I have, but wanted you to know that I stood at Saram, now spelled Sarem, and took pictures of a pond in the Dismal Swamp.  I have the exact GPS coordinates and a county map to forward on to everyone.  I did not find the ruins as mentioned in A.P. Godwins letter of 1941 but we did visit a law office of Godwin & Godwin in Gatesville and the Philip P. Godwin in the office was the brother to A.P.Godwin.  He was at a funeral but his secretary took my name and address and the copies I had of his brothers information from 1941 and she said she will have him write to me.  She had a picture of A.P. Godwin and she let me take a picture of it.  We expect to correspond with him and fill in more information on the outcome of A.P.’s research in the site of the First Indian School in the U.S.

We visited the courthouse and obtained a copy of the land deed mentioned in “The Schoolhouse article on Steve’s webb page. We copied information from three different locally produced Gates County books in their geno. library which give us more information on the Chowan Indians that Mr. Mashburn was teaching and he was mentioned in all three sources.  References in the writing confirmed the location I will forward to you as the site of the Indian Town called Sarum where Mr. Mashburn was teaching.

The attached picture is of the road sign where we turned onto a county road called Sarem Rd that lead to the cross roads at the creek in the swamp.

I will make up a more complete package in the next few days with several pictures and send to everyone on distribution.  It was great fun to stand in Sarum where Edward was the teacher of Indians in 1711 who could read and write.  He apparently did get the sponsorship from the SPG because one of the articles addresses the activities of the SPG at Sarum.

Happy Grandpa huntin,

Buddy Mashburn
124 Twin Oaks Lane
Williamston, SC 29697