Bishop of London – Letter of November 24, 1712

Mashborne’s Proposal drew the interest of the BIshop of London.

However, there are no records that it was acted upon.  

W. Hall to [Secretary, SPG]
Fulham Nov. 24, 1712.


My Lord of London wonders, he can hear nothing from you in relation to Newbery in
New-Hampshire; and is very much Surprized to find in the last Minutes, that a thing of
So great Consequence, as that of the Educating of Indian Children in the College of
Virginia, and by Mr. Mashburn amongst the Chowan Indians, should meet with Such
unaccountable delay. He thinks so good a Work should be promoted with all imaginable
Speed and Application, and desiring you would move the Committee to consider it again,
and not leave it till an Account be sent from Col. Nicholson after his arrival in those Parts;
least it should prove then too late to doe any Service in that kind. I am, to desire you to
give an Answer the first opportunity to, Sir Your very humble Servant.

W. Hall.

There is a Gentleman lately come
from Virginia; who will give the
Committee a full account of these
Matters, if it be thought needfull.


To Mr. Taylor at Cursitor’s Office
in Chancery Lane