Edward Mashbourne City Alderman

Brackley. Northampshire, England

MASHBURN- brackley-market-place-and-town-hall

Charter Petition for Brackley

Date: 15 January 1662/1663

William Williams, Mayor of Brackley
Edward Mashborne
Robert Hilton
John Stone
William Maior
Thomas Phillipis
George Loveday, aldermen

To John Earl of Bridgewater

Informing him that they hope with the assistance of their members of Parliament, to procure a charter from the crown; are sending the petition to the Earl first so that he may delete anything prejudicial to his rights and add anything he sees fit; ask Earl to “promoat and further our desires to his Majestie”.

Note: This is probably a different Edward Mashborne than the man who married Sarah Sindery.

Source: The National Archives.  http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/rd/78205c26-fbae-4694-a092-73322f24b293