Hilder Report #2


This is the second Hilder Report commisioned by Charles R. “Buddy” Mashburn of Williamson, S.C.

Cover Letter

Ian J. Hilder BA (Hons)
Genealogist, Probate & Property Researcher
Grantham Bank, Barcombe,
Lewes, East Sussex BN8 5DJ England
Tel. 01273-400604 23a


Dear Charles

Re: Mashburn Family of England

Thank you for your letter and further payment of 6th August, the exchange rate has certainly improved in your favor since last time! I must first apologise for the delay in my reply, as the holiday season has kept me from my desk and the records Offices for a few weeks. We are enjoying an extended summer, with only the horse chesnut trees showing any sign that autumn is approaching.

I would be happy to assist you obtaining pictures of the churches connected with your ancestors. I will make enquires as to what is available for St. Giles and St. Duncan’s as part of the next batch of research.

I trust you will find the enclosed interesting, although little direct progress has been made, the process of elimination and background investigation is well under way. I look forward to hearing from you again shortly, and to assisting you further with your research.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Hilder, BA

Advance of $150=£92.93 less £4.00 Bank Charge £88.93
Credit b/f £ 2.96
Family Records Centre – Searches £19.50
Guildhall – PR Searches £ 8.00 Time Report & Admin. £39.50 Sub-Total £66.00 Credit c/f £25.89

MASHBURN Report 30.ix.97

International Genealogical Index (I.G.I.)
A search was made of the Index on CD-ROM, covering entries from the whole of the British Isles, revealing the following areas of interest:

Children of Matthew MASHBORNE baptized in London, Edward 1707 Edward 1708, Matthew 1710 and Rebeka 1714.

1574 Ellin (Eleanor) MASHBORN bp. London
1651 Frances d.o. John MASHBURNE bp Yorks, St. Michael-le-Belfry, York.
1656 Jane d.o. John MASHBURNE bp Yorks, St. Michael-le-Belfry, York.
1654 Joanna d.o. John MASHBURNE bp Yorks, St. Michael-le-Belfry, York.
1653 Elizabeth M. = John STANNIFORTH 24 Feb 1653 Whitgif, Yorks.

Unfortunately, there is no baptism for Edward here, but it is interesting to know that there was a family of MASHBURNEs in York. The reference to Elizabeth in London some eighty years before Edward was born is also very interesting, as it could indicate that the family had lived there for several generations before Edward came onto the scene. [EDITOR’S NOTE- this last statement makes no sense; if Hilder is refering to Ellin, then his dates or addition is wrong.].

Ancestral File
This index is also compiled by the Mormans and is on CD ROM, it contains details of families researched by church members. It contained many entries for 19th century Amercian [MASHBURN] familes but only one for pre-1700’s England:

James MASHBORNE born c.1677 = Ann BLOUNT bp. 18 Jul. 1682 ST. Mary-le-Strand

PCC Wills & Administration
Sarah didn’t have a Will proved between 1685 and 1693. The Letters of Administration for Elizabeth LLOYD alias MASHBORNE were located and copied. This shows that her husband Edward LLOYD of St. Mary’s Woolnoth, London was to administer her estate.
In a search for a Will for Sarah SINDERY’s father (forename unknown), nothing was found in PCC Wills for a London SINDERY during 1675-1693. In fact there was just one reference to the surname during this period.

1685 Thomas SINDERY yeoman of Grafton, Oxfordshire ref. Quire 36

Please let me know if you would like this Will checked for any reference to the family of Edward and Sarah MASHBURN (nee SINDERY).

Chancery Proceedings etc.
The lead to Matthew MASHBIRN from the Bernau Index was followed up, but proved to be incorrect. The problem is with the legibility of the microfilm of the index, which is narrow 16mm format and badly scratched. I will re-examine it on my next visit to the S.o.G. then check for the original document as part of the next batch of research.

Search Room Notes

St. Dunstans-in-the-East
Photocopies are enclosed of Edward MARSHBOURNE’s marriage to Sarah SINDERY in 1673, [EDITOR’S NOTE- this is a typo; correct year is 1675] at which time both parties were living in the parish of St. Giles-in-the-fields. The next step will be to check what records surive for St. Giles in the period prior to this marriage, for any indication of Edward’s father paying taxes or holding land there.
A search was also made at St. Dunstans for Sarah’s burial 1674-1685, but with no trace of the MA[R]SHBORNE surname. The next step will be to search 1686 and then to search at St. Giles for 1685-86.