Hilder Report #1



In 1997 through 1998, Charles R. “Buddy” Mashburn of Williamson, S.C. hired Ian J. Hilder, a professional genealogist in England, to research the MASHBURN family.

We owe Buddy great graditude for providing us with copies of his correspondance with Mr.Hilder which contains much proof on the origins of Edward Mashburn. This correspondence was placed into HTML by Steve Mashburn and any mistakes are his alone.

Because of the importance of this research and because of the difficulty one has in America of seeing this material, we are placing the complete correspondance between Mr. Hilder and C.R. Mashburn including Mr. Hilder’s search room notes.

The correspondance is comprised of an initial reponse from Mr. Hilder (outlining a course of research and stating his fees) and three reports.

Outline of Research With Fee Structure

Ian J. Hilder BA (Hons)
Genealogist, Probate & Property Researcher
Grantham Bank, Barcombe,
Lewes, East Sussex BN8 5DJ England
Tel. 01273-400604 23a


Dear Mr. Mashburn

Re: Documentation of the 17th Century MASHBO[U]RNEs of England

I would suggest the following initial searches (approximate costing given for guidance only):

  1. Photocopy 1655 Baptism, 1675 Marriage and 1698 Burial entires for Edward M. snr., then search for his children’s baptisms. (Do you have any further description of the London parishes, as there are at least two churches dedicated to St. Giles and no less than three to St. Dunstan). If you are unsure of the exact parishes it shouldn’t take too long to check this. (£15-£25)
  2. P.C.C. Wills 1650-1720 – Note all MASHBORNEs, copying Edward 1698, if found. (£10)
  3. Society of Genealogists’ Library, London – Check the following indexes for references to MASHBOURNE c. 1600-1720:
    1. Bernau’s (Chancery Proceedings etc.) (£15-£20)
    2. Great Card Index (literally millions of entries) (£6)
    3. Boyd’s “Inhabitants of London” (membership of City Guilds and PR entries) (£7.50)
    4. Boyd’s Marriages – London 1600-1660 (£4)
    5. Herald’s Visitation of London (£4)
  4. Genealogist’s Guides – check for any published work on the English MASHBORNs. (£6)
  5. Have you already checked the IGI for London and surrounding counties? (£6)

My fees are at the rate of (£125) per hour, plus photocopying costs and expenses pro rata. I would suggest that if you are paying by personal check, you might like to open an Account with a larger amount, to save on Bank Charges. I will then advise you on the balance at the end of each Report. I trust that this gives you some idea of the costs involved, and very much look forward to hearing from you again shortly, and to commencing work on your MASHBORNE ancestors.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Hilder, BA

Cover Letter

Ian J. Hilder BA (Hons)
Genealogist, Probate & Property Researcher
Grantham Bank, Barcombe,
Lewes, East Sussex BN8 5DJ England
Tel. 01273-400604 23a


Dear Mr. Mashburn

Re: Mashburn Family of England

Thank you for your further instructions accompanied by your advanced cheque. I now have carried outthe majority of the searches outlined in my letter of 8.v.97, so I thought I would report to you now, rather than delaying matters until all items were complete.

I have enclosed my “Search Room Notes”, which I trust you will find acceptable. I find reporting this way cuts down on typing time, which saves you money, and also avoids the possibility of introducing errors in the process. If you would like future Reports typed in full, I would of course be happy to do so.

I hope that you find the enclose interesting, it certainly provides us with a number of useful leads to go on. If any of the sources or references are unfamiliar to you, or require further clarification, please let me know.

I close with details of your Account, and would be grateful for an advance of £150 for the next stage of research. I look forward to hearing from you again in due course, and to assisting you further with the suggested avenues of research.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Hilder, BA

Advance of $150=£88.46 less £4.00 Bank Charge £84.46
Soc. of Genealogists’ Library – Searches £39.00
Family Records Centre – Searches £13.00
Time Report & Admin. £29.50
Sub-Total -£81.50
Credit Remaining £2.96


International Genealogical Index (I.G.I.)
This is the first place to check for a baptism or marriage, so the London set of fiches were checked for references to Edward snr. or any of his forbears. The enclosed notes confirm Edward’s marriage to Sarah SINDERY at St. Dunstan’s-in-the-East, and gives the baptisms of three children to a couple of that name, but two generations later at St. Georges’s-in-the-East, Stepney in the 1730’s.
I wonder whether this Edward was a son or nephew of Edward junior’s who remained in England? A copy of the 1675 marriage entry can be obtained as part of the next batch of research.

Genealogical Guides
No reference were found to any previous published research on the family up to 1977, in the standard “Guides” of Marshall, Whitmore and Barrow. So it looks as though we will be breaking new ground, if we find anything prior to Edward senior’s marriage in London in 1675.

PCC Wills & Administrations
Four references were found to ladies named Elizabeth during 1698-1749, the first two appear relate to the widow MASHBURN who married an Edward LOID/LLOYD in 1698 at St. Botolph’s Aldersgate, with license from the Faculty Office.
Could this be Edward snr’s widow having remarried? I would suggest that the Admon is checked to see who the adminstrator was. The 1717 Will might also be worth checking. The search for futher Wills & Admons should now be continued back from 1698.

Boyd’s Marriages Index etc. This page shows the sources of Edward snr’s marriages and those of Matthew and Samuel, which are both family names, so they must be sons of Edward snr. ? I can order copies of the original marriage license allegations, if further details are required (these are in the region of £7 each).

Bernau Index (to Chancery Proceedings etc.) This is a massive “lucky dip” and has come up with several references to your family surname. The reference to a Matthew MASHBURBORNE c.1684 is particularly interesting considering your family’s use of that name, this is probably too early to be Edward snr’s son (b.c. 1675) so may well relate to someone in his father’s generation. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Hilder is referring to the birth year of Edward Mashburn, the schoolmaster.] I would suggest that the original document is checked for further leads.
The other references are a little late in date to be worth considering at this stage.

Great Card Index Another massive Index, containing several refs. to a Revd. James MASHBORNE (Edward snr’s son ?), along with a couple of Edwards.

Search Room Notes #1

IGI London

MARS(H)BORN Edward Sarah SINDERY 13 Jun 1675 St. Dunstan in the East
Edward s.o. Edward & Sarah 22 Apr 1739 St. George in the East, Stepney
Samuel s.o. Edward & Sarah 09 Jan 1739 St. George in the East, Stepney
Sarah d.o. Edward & Sarah 25 Aug 1734 St. George in the East, Stepney

Search Room Notes #2

PCC Wills & Admin. 1700-1698 – none
PCC Wills & Admin. 1701-1749

MASHBBORNE/LLOYD, Elizabeth 1713 Jan London Ad. PROB 6/89
1713 Nov London Ad. PROB 6/89
MASHBORNE, Elizabeth 1717 Nov Kent W PROB 11/557 Q.63
MASHBORNE, Elizabeth 1741 Oct Middx W PROB 11/712 Q.272

Search Room Notes #3
(S.o.G. 9 VII 97)

Boyd’s Marriage Index 1651-1700

1651-1675 m Misc none
1651-1675 w Misc none
1651-1675 m Middlesex none
1651-1675 w Middlesex none
1676-1700 m Middlesex none
1698 w Middlesex MASBOURN, Elz. & Ed. LOID St. Botolphs, Aldersgate
1685 m Misc MASHBORN, Edw & Eli NASH Fac. Office/St Dunstans West
1698 w Misc MASHBOURN, Elz & Ed. LOID Faculty Office

m=male w=women (separate volumes) Above refs. checked

Faculty Office Marriage Licenses 1632-1714 – Index Library vol. 33

p.92 16 May 1685* Edward MASHBORNE & Elizabeth NASH
p.162 7 Oct 1698** Elizabeth MASHBOURNE, wid. & Edward LLOYD, wid.
p.224 18 Dec 1706 Matt. MASHBOURNE & Rebecca MORGAN
p.257 26 Dec 1710 Samuel MASHBORNE & Ann MILLIARD

* This appears as 1675 on clients records – see below (Boyd is wrong)
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Hilder found a wrong date in the index but later finds the correct date in the actual record.]
** ? Remarriage of 1685 Elizabeth.
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Hilder does not know about Edward Mashburn’s Letter to the SPG inwhich he states that his mother (actually step-mother) is Mrs. Lloyd.]

MX/R156 St. Botolph’s Aldersgate M1640-1755 & Banns 1653-1664.
16 Oct 1698 Ed LLOYD & Eliz MASBOURN (no further details)

MX/R91 St. Dunstan’s, West ——

MX/R81 St. Dunstan’s in the East M1653-1691
13 June 1675 Edward MARSHBORNE, single & Sarah SINDERY, both of St. Giles in the Fields–by License.

Search Room Notes #4
(S.o.G. 9 VII 97)

Boyd’s Inhabitants of London
MARSHB..N[E] -No Trace
MAS[H]B.. -No Trace

Amercian Testators in P.C.C. Wills 1610-1857
P.W. Coldbam [US/G 81]
No trace of surname.

Bernau Index (Chancery Proceedings) Chanc. Pro.Daniel

MARSHBORN Daniel 1714/18 Bdl. 1772 Suit 8 1723
Bdl. 39 Suit 19 1712
Bdl. 1187 Suit 18 1721
Bdl. 845 Suit 49 1727
MASHBORNE James Apprentice in Register Inl. 1/13f.122 (parents given) 1732
1/15f.104 1751
Matthew Iep. Exchang. Deps. tlil.13 35-36 1684
Simon Chanc. Pro. 1714-18 Bdl. 1028 Suite 9 1731
Bdl. 1036 Suite 17 1731
Bdl. 1211 Suite 20 1731

Great Card Index (Pre-1750 refs.)

MARSHBORNE, Edward – 3 Spe 1729 of St Geo. in the East bach. aged 36
=Mary SIMS/TIMS spinster@36 – St. Mary’s [can’t read]
Marr. License – Bishop of London
MASHBORNE, Edward – 10 Nov 1732 of St Geo, Middsex, wid.
=Sarah ROGERS of Chatham, Kent, spinster @ 25
at St. John Hackney or Stoke Mowington- Marr. Lic.- Bishop of London
MASHBORNE, James 23 Jul 1704 of [can’t read] bach. aged 25
Elizb. HERN of St. Botolph’s, Aldgate, London sp.@25
at All Hallow’s London Wall- Marr. Lic. Bp. of London
MASHBORNE, James 1713 clerk- Kent Deeds, Barning[? can’t read]
MASHBORNE, James 1722 Apr 7 of Leigh, Kent, wid- Reverend
=Judith LYNCH of Maidstone, Kent, spinster@40
at St. Benedict Paul’s Wharf or St. Paul’s Cath. – Marr. Lic- Bp. London