London before Edward Mashburn

The Reign of Charles II

Charles II was king of England when London was under serve stress and change. His reign roughly corresponds to the life span of Edward Mashborne, Sr., the father of Edward Mashborne, the North Carolina schoolmaster.

Two catastrophic events occurred in London while Charles was king. While it appears Edward Mashborne, Sr. had yet to arrive in London, these two events were root causes for the favorable conditions that brought him there.

Great Plague of London

In 1665, the Great Plague of London broke out in the parish of St. Giles-in-the-Fields. In the span of one month, the earthen mounds of 1,391 burials covered the churchyard and the plague spread throughout the city.

Eleven years later, Edward MASHBORNE (Sr) would marry Sarah SINDERY in the parish church.

Great Fire of London

As soon as the population began to recover from the Plague, the Great Fire of London destroyed one-third of the city in 1666.

One year later Edward MASHBORNE was baptized at St. Gile’s in-the-fields Church. He was the son of Edward and Sarah MASHBORNE.

The Rise of the Middle Class

After recovering from two disasters, the citizens of London rolled up their sleeves and began rebuilding.  The next decade was be a period of tremendous growth and the rise of a large middle class. The MASHBORNE family was part of this great cultural change.

Many houses were built in St. Giles-in-the-fields to meet the needs of the incoming population.

During this time period, Edward Mashburn Sr. married his first wife, Sarah Sindery, in the St. Giles-in-the-fields parish church. Since there are no earlier records that place Mashburns in the parish, it appears that Edward and possibly Elizabeth were displaced by the Great Fire or were part of this mass migration from the countryside to the city to take advantage of the economic boom.


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