Mashburn Family in Brackley, England

mapAlthough we have NO direct evidence yet, some MASHBURN Researchers feel that Edward MASHBORNE of London (who married Mary SINDERY in 1675) is related to the MASHBORNES in Brackley, Northampshire.

The most common first names in the Brackley MASHBURN family in the late 1600’s are:

  • Matthew
  • Edward
  • Daniel
  • James.

These are the same common first names in the North Carolina MASHBORNE/MASHBURN family in the early 1700’s. (By the way, the spelling MARSHBURN did not become common until later and is found mostly in the Onslow County, NC family.)

Of course, these are common first names, but is is noteworthy that these four names appear over and over in both the English and North Carolina records ands are use almost exclusively, with very few exceptions, to any other given name.

We have much material on the Brackley MASHBORNE family and will posting it as soon as we can.